Other Instructors

Frank Ulmer, second-dan black belt, assists with instruction at JTD and also has been a formidable competitor in the Maryland State Championships having earned four gold and two silver medals in sparring...He says the traditional tenets of taekwondo have helped him lead his life in a higher fashion. He is resident manager at Camp Wo Me To in Harford County, a retreat for numerous groups..."Frank, to borrow a phrase, talks the talk and walks the walk," said the master instructor. "His passion for our art and sport is undeniable and he derives great joy in the success of others, particularly the children students."

Frank Reynolds, second Dan Black Belt, Mr. Reynolds recently attained his rank and has concentrated on furthering his instructional skills in class. "For me," he said, "satisfaction is watching each one (student) succeed more than they could have imagined." He has worked as a mechanical designer and currently is a manager with SUN Automation in the Baltimore area. He has attended Towson and Johns Hopkins universities and Arundel Institute of Technology. He's coached in a number of sports venues that include soccer and baseball

Amy Bertazon, second Dan Black Belt and Chairperson of Jarrettsville Taekwondo..."Ms. Amy is one of the talented members of our dedicated and talented black-belt cadre who both train and help with instructional duties...but with other responsibilities, she represents much, much more," said Master Nawrozki. "Who can be found representing Jarrettsville Taekwondo at important meetings? Ms. Amy. Who has the administrative skill and energy (and patience) to prepare us for the large tournaments? Ms. Amy. Who is first to volunteer to offer transportation to a student who otherwise would miss practice? Ms. Amy. And if you need a pair of arm guards, who do you see? Ms. Amy. Get the picture? She is rather remarkable tending to all of those responsibilities...to say she is vital to the program is an understatement," said Master Nawrozki. Ms. Amy is a member of the demonstration team, specializing in women's self defense, and she's been selected to work on a new initiative -- one-on-one instruction of new adult white belts, fast-tracked because of their exceptional potential. Ms. Amy is also a three-time medalist in the Maryland state championships.

Mitchel Roberts, 18, second-Dan Black Belt, honor student at the Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High School...Mitch excels at forms and has been a consistent medalist in the state championships..."Mitch is representative of young people who will be effective adult leaders in our nation" Master Nawrozki said. "He is developing those skills while working hard to increase his athleticism..for instance, his vertical jumps are something to behold," the chief instructor said. Mitch is a member of the school's demonstration team and has been particularly convincing acting out scenarios that deal with anti-bullying strategies and "stranger danger."

Emily Ciavolino is a third-dan black belt and currently is attending University of Maryland/Baltimore County. She has been a highly successful tournament competitor and accumulated impressive leadership skills by helping instruct class...in a nationwide competition in 2012, Emily won a two-week scholarship trip to South Korea where she studied local culture and history...she also was recipient last year of a great national honor presented by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, at that nation's embassy in Washington D.C... concluding those accomplishments she was presented a monetary award from the leadership of the Maryland taekwondo grandmasters. "Emily is a strong, unique young lady who recognizes her many human gifts and reaches out to others," said Master Nawrozki. "She remains curious about all around her and as she moves through her life will make many positive differences in our world."

Dwight Griffith is a certified third-dan black belt whose spirit to overcome odds distinguishes him from the rest of the pack..he finds fulfilment helping new students forge a foundation for their growth. "He is a truly humble, dedicated man," Master Nawrozki said. He has earned gold, silver, and bronze medals in his division of the Maryland state championships.."A vignette: I will never forget coaching him in one of his fights," the master said. "He sustained an injury to his eye...I made the mistake of asking him if he wanted to stop the fight and go to the hospital.."a minute more, please," he said, "and I'll go." A minute later -- first place. Then he went to the hospital.. this was not macho...this was fast injury assessment between fighter and master, the fighter's indomitable spirit and then quick medical attention..he owns a construction firm... has five children...active in the Rotary International and Boy Scouts of America.

Master Kathy Dugan: 5th Dan, World Taekwondo Federation, active instructor, certified referee and coach...36 years experience in martial arts."Master Kathy Dugan is an exceptional practitioner and teacher...but the totality of her human spirit, her courage...soar above us, are her gifts to us," said Master Nawrozki. "She is a gifted communicator, able to reach both children and adults." She has been a highly successful competitor...2004 USNTF International Grand Champion, multiple years, in poomsae and sparring...gold, silver and bronze Senior National medalist in multiple years at competitions in Canada, Mexico and the United States...she began training with Master Joe Nawrozki and continued her martial arts studies with a number of Korean grandmasters and masters in the United States and Canada... Master Dugan has taught taekwondo more than 25 years, classes that included the Korean Language School in Montreal, Canada, Youth Services at Aberdeen Proving Ground and a co-program that serves adults..she has taught self-defense tactics to military police personnel at the army base in Harford County..also, women's self defense at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County..talented into self defense, particularly against attackers armed with edged weapons, Master Dugan has been a member of demonstration teams at Blue Dragon/Grandmaster Han Young Kim and Golden Dragons/Aberdeen and long-time member of Master Nawrozki's exhibition squads, especially recognized for the authenticity of her tactics...Master Dugan brings her extensive talents and energy to Jarrettsville Taekwondo at tournament time, for demonstrations and regular classes..she has a working knowledge of the French and Korean languages..employed by a federal government agency...resides in Harford County.