Other Instructors

Amy Bertazon, second Dan Black Belt and Chairperson of Jarrettsville Taekwondo..."Ms. Amy is one of the talented members of our dedicated and talented black-belt cadre who both train and help with instructional duties...but with other responsibilities, she represents much, much more," said Master Nawrozki. "Who can be found representing Jarrettsville Taekwondo at important meetings? Ms. Amy. Who has the administrative skill and energy (and patience) to prepare us for the large tournaments? Ms. Amy. Who is first to volunteer to offer transportation to a student who otherwise would miss practice? Ms. Amy. And if you need a pair of arm guards, who do you see? Ms. Amy. Get the picture? She is rather remarkable tending to all of those responsibilities...to say she is vital to the program is an understatement," said Master Nawrozki. Ms. Amy is a member of the demonstration team, specializing in women's self defense, and she's been selected to work on a new initiative -- one-on-one instruction of new adult white belts, fast-tracked because of their exceptional potential. Ms. Amy is also a three-time medalist in the Maryland state championships.

Diego Tejada, a 3'rd Dan, comes to us from AAA US Taekwondo College in Abingdon. He is a welcome addition to our instructing staff, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge to help propel our school to greatness. The knowledge he possesses in sparring has enable our students to become more competitive in tournaments.

Mr. Diego started his taekwondo career at the age of 13 and still has a great love for this sport. This love and dedication is what lead him to 4 National competitions as a color belt and various local and state tournaments as a black belt. He said “after my first sparing match, I was hooked”. He now coaches our tournament team competitors and has coached at the state and national levels. When he is not practicing the art of taekwondo, Mr. Diego fills his days as a Test Engineer at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. He is also the father of three wonderful children who are following in his footsteps and can be found kicking and punching at all of our classes.

Mr. Diego believes that physical fitness is not just important in martial arts, but in all aspects of our life. He understands the importance of stretching, warming up and cooling down properly. He stresses the importance of cross training in the off seasons. This is a benefit that is not offered at many other schools, as it cuts in to the time that could be spent on Taekwondo skills. With most schools time is money!

Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of training under some of the best Masters in the area. He said “ Master Soheil Soheily and Master Roy Rothenberg are the two masters that influenced me the most in my taekwondo career, making me the martial artist I am today”. He has also had the privilege of training under Master Kathy Dugan in Aberdeen, one of Master Joe Nawrozki’s, prize students.